ABRAXAS PDF Comic Collection


Get the entire ABRAXAS Comic Collection in PDF format! This bundle is a great way to catch up on all of our past comic books while saving big!

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What you’ll get:

  1. Punkin Patch Issue #1 PDF
  2. Chill Cubes Issue #1 PDF
  3. Alien Terrodactyls #1 PDF

Punkin Patch Comic Issue #1 – Rise of the Punkins!

Cover featuring art by Johnpaul Gutierrez
Creator & Letters by Cuyler Pagano
Script Writer by Fred Ende
Inks & Colors by Cammry Lapka

A Halloween Cult Classic! The Punkin Patch is a fun Halloween themed comic that tells the fictional story of the Punkins and how All Hallows Eve came to be a holiday celebrated by many.

Join the Punkin Army on an epic adventure through the woods inhabited by evil Elves and Orcs as they try to avoid being smashed. Will the Punkins defeat the Smasher and save the Punkin race?

Chill Cubes Comic Issue #1 – Seeds of Revolution!

Yeti Cover featuring art by Robson Teixeira
Creator & Letters by Cuyler Pagano
Script Writer by Fred Ende
Inks by Cammry Lapka
Colors by Nicolas Touris

Chill Cubes – Seeds of Revolutions starts right where Punkin Patch Issue 1 leaves off!

Join the Punkin Wizard as he summons his frozen friends the Chill Cubes to help with an urgent mission; the journey to the seed vault. The Chill Cubes encounter some epic enemies as they fight for their lives along the way to secure the Punkin seeds deep with the mountain vault.

Alien Terrodactyls Comic Issue #1 – Guts & Glory!

Alien Terrodactyls PDF Comic Issue #1 – Guts & Glory

Cover by Gregbo Watson & Gwenaëlle Daligault
Creator & Letters by Cuyler Pagano
Inks by Stan Yak
Colors by Antonio Ramos

An alien race has seeded a breed of enhanced DNA pterodactyls that have stayed in hibernation for over 100 million years. The alien pterodactyls have come to life in post apocalyptic America in the year 2125. In the heart of the southwest a small group of survivalists are humanity’s last hope.