Alien Terrodactyls #1 – Guts & Glory!

Alien Terrodactyls, Retail Cover A by Gregbo Watson & Gwenaëlle Daligault

The Story

An alien race has seeded a breed of enhanced DNA pterodactyls that have stayed in hibernation for over 100 million years. The alien pterodactyls have come to life in post apocalyptic America in the year 2125. In the heart of the southwest a small group of survivalists are humanity’s last hope.

Comic Team

We’ve assembled a team of pros to make Alien Terrodactyls Issue #1 – Guts & Glory!

Cover Art by Gregbo Watson & Gwenaëlle Daligault
Creator & Letters by Cuyler Pagano
Inks by Stan Yak
Colors by Antonio Ramos

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