Punkin Patch # 1

Rise of the Punkins

A Halloween Cult Classic in the making! The Punkin Patch is a fun Halloween themed comic that tells the fictional story of the Punkins and how All Hallows Eve came to be a holiday celebrated by many.

Join the Punkin Army on an epic adventure through the woods inhabited by evil Elves and Orcs as they try to avoid being smashed. Will the Punkins defeat the Smasher and save the Punkin race?

Read Punkin Patch Issue #1 to find out!

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Comic Team

We’ve assembled a team of pros to make Punkin Patch Issue #1 a top notch product that will be loved by old and young alike. 

Creator & Letterer : Cuyler Pagano

Script Writer: Fred Ende

Inks & Colors: Cammry Lapka

Retail Cover Artist: Jason Flowers

Punkin Master Cover Artists: Andy Poon

Naughty & Nice Witch Cover Artist: Keith Garvey

PDF Cover Artist: Johnpaul Gutierrez

Succubus Cover Artist: Mangsiart

Swamp Beast Cover Artist: Dani Blass

Inside Artist: Robson Teixeira